CT國際橡塑制品及車(chē)載電器國際博覽會(huì )
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2022CT國際橡塑制品及車(chē)載電器國際博覽會(huì )
2022年展會(huì )議程包含對樹(shù)脂市場(chǎng)、政策發(fā)展、品牌所有者參與等的獨家見(jiàn)解。為超過(guò)15年我們?yōu)樗芰匣厥招袠I(yè)提供了促進(jìn)業(yè)務(wù)發(fā)展的見(jiàn)解,今年的活動(dòng)也不例外。 
第一天 2022-10-25

* Polymer Fusion Labeling: A New Sustainable Technology Which is Relatively Unknown in the Plastic 

* Advanced Hot Runner Technologies that Enable Reduction in Plastic Consumption and Waste

* Variable Speed Control - Applications in Process Cooling

* The Canon Shuttle Mold System--Challenging the way we think about cooling time in injection molding

* Approaching Application Challenges with Engineered Solutions: An Examination of Three Hot Runner Case Studies

* Will Your Team Be Ready to Make a Digital Transformation?

* APC+ Software for Dynamic Control of Injection Molding

第二天 2022-10-26

* Supporting the Circular Economy - Solving Challenges of Recycling Laminated Hygroscopic Material Regrind (e.g. PET, PLA)

* How to Achieve Stability, Precision and Cost-Efficiency in Manufacturing

* Recent Successes in 3D Metal Printing of Tooling

* WITTMANN's New "Quick New" Robot Programming

* Case Study Reveal: Integrating Metal 3D Printed Cavities for Injection Molding

* Introduction to XP Express Active Gravity Touch (AGT)

* Precision Metal 3D Printing: a New Opportunity for Moldmakers and Molders